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Did you know how long it takes to break into your garage? Only a few seconds. All the burglar needs is a hooked piece of wire. Get in touch with us to get a free security check and have your individual garage security needs assessed.

One of the most important elements of protection against burglary is the choice of a solid gate, which will be a natural protection against uninvited guests.

Modern garage doors, including the frequently recommended sectional doors, are highly resistant to mechanical damage. They have stably mounted guides that protect the entrance opening to the garage. The door should be made of solid, high-quality materials, and properly installed by specialists with appropriate knowledge.

Also, never leave your garage door open. It might seem obvious, but surprisingly a lot of us tend to do that, disregarding the fact that garages hide a lot of valuable items such as vehicles, power tools and lawnmowers.

Power tools have a double value – they can be easily sold, but also used to get into our house. Do not tempt opportunist thieves. Remember to cover your garage windows with anti-burglary blinds (or regular ones, just to hide your treasures from unwanted guests), cellulose window shades, frosted glass, adhesive film, or even cardboard.

Additionally, it's worth investing in a garage door remote that enables you to operate your garage door lock from your car. It is a simple solution which translates into security and convenience. A remote control and a lock with variable access codes will work well.

Best garage security and door protection

You can choose from many options when it comes to your garage security. Ask your local locksmith for surface-mounted deadlocks, ground-fitted door protectors and T-bar handles. Some of these can be retrofitted to your existing garage doors, so it’s best to contact locksmith specialists to have it carried out in a fast, clean and affordable way. In order to make your garage doors more resistant to burglars, you need to invest in a garage door defender; it comes with a padlock and locks on a solid steel base.

Remember – for best protection, your garage door lock need to be Sold Secure Diamond accredited.

Ask your local locksmith for garage security measures which are approved by insurers and by the police. Some of the electronic garage door locks have as many as 300 000 key combinations!

Additionally, the mere fact of having a monitoring system can effectively deter potential thieves. Modern solutions will enable remote viewing on a smartphone of what is happening at home or in the garage - just select a camera with a wi-fi signal. A big plus is also the ability to save recordings from cameras. In the event of a burglary, you will have evidence that you can easily share with the police.

Additional garage security

Indeed, motion-activated lights are an energy-saving option perfect both for a house and for a garage. It is an effective repellent which keeps thieves away from your property.

You can also combine traditional and modern security measures by installing regular locks as well as CCTV cameras, an alarm or an integrated smart security system. These can be operated from your smartphone, which is a great option especially when you’re away for quite a while.

Another idea is to invest in an alarm that will go off in an emergency. Currently, there are alarm systems on the market that can be managed remotely using a smartphone.

Professional systems are equipped with special sensors that effectively detect unwanted movement on the property.

Get in touch with your local locksmith to get a free security check and have your individual security needs assessed. If you stay in Lincoln, choose a Lincoln locksmith who is less than 30 minutes away.

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