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Door locks, similarly to doors, are divided into several main groups. Choosing the right door lock depends on the area you live in, the property type and your individual security needs. Choosing the right type of security measures for your doors and windows and getting your locks fitted by an experienced locksmith is crucial for your security and convenience.

If you wish to fit a new lock or replace your door lock, it's best to contact us to choose the right type of lock and adjust the dimensions.

Door lock types

There is a wide choice of locks and your local locksmith will help you choose the right one for you.

Normally, you can choose between:

Multipoint locks are found on most uPVC and composite doors. This type of lock has several bolts lined in a long “strip”. Multipoint locks give you maximum security with just one key.

A night latch lock is a rim lock fitted on the surface of your door. It can be operated by a key from the exterior and by a knob from the interior, which is a vital issue for fire safety. It comes in two different types: deadlocking, i.e. automatically locking once shut, and non-deadlocking.

Mortice locks, also called deadlock or sash lock are commonly used in domestic properties and have just a keyhole and a bolt. It requires a pocket (called the mortice) to be cut into the surface into which the lock is to be fitted. Mortice locks are commonly used in domestic properties. A sash lock works thanks to a mechanism comprising of a lock, latch & handle mechanism. Thanks to that, you don’t need to worry about the door locking behind you, and you don’t need to constantly carry the key on you.

Keyless locks. If you’re not a big fan of carrying keys, programmable keyless locks are just perfect for you. They may be used to secure various sections of your property and come in two basic versions: battery-operated electronic ones and mechanical ones. Mechanical keyless locks are renowned for your heavy-duty reliability. They do not require batteries or other sources of power.

Smart locks. If you need advanced security solutions, ask your local locksmith for a smart lock. This is an electromechanical lock, that responds to instructions from an authorised device using a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key. A lot of smart locks can be retrofitted to your existing lock. Some of them have access control which enables you to keep control over who enters and leaves the property.

Types of lock cylinders

There are two kinds of cylinders popularly used in the UK: a Euro cylinder (used with a euro mortice lock case), shaped like an enlarged keyhole, and an oval cylinder (used with an oval mortice lock case). There are also rim cylinders available, which fit standard night latches. When using door handles with these types of locks and cylinders, you must ensure that they have an appropriate cut-out on the back plate.

Additionally, cylinders come in various versions. Some of these are double cylinders, allowing to lock the door from both sides, half cylinders on basement or garage doors, or key and turn cylinders (commonly used in commercial areas) which allow locking the door with a key from one side and with a turn from the other side.

Choose professional services

For professional lock fitting, choose a local locksmith who will advise you on the right type of locks for your property, be it domestic or commercial. If you stay in Lincoln, search for local Lincoln locksmith services which have an actual local address. A professional local locksmith will fit the locks for you and make sure that all possible adjustments and security upgrades are made according to your individual needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re after traditional security solutions or modern smart integrated security systems. Lock fitting is a challenging task to perform and lock mechanisms are fragile. This is why you need to contact a trusted professional which will translate into security and peace of mind. Also, once you choose a locksmith for locks installation, you will have a trusted professional to call in case of an emergency.

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