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Smart locks are devices from the broad smart home security category that automate the way the door is opened and closed. They are perfect for residential and commercial purposes as well as for short-term rental rooms.

Smart locks use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can control them via a dedicated mobile application. The basic function of smart locks is the automatic unlocking and locking of doors, based on geolocation and the recognition system of a paired smartphone. In other words, it is a door lock that is opened with your smartphone.

Common smart lock features

Smart locks offer many features for your comfort and security. First of all, they free you from the need to use keys that are easy to misplace and difficult to find. Automatic unlocking via smartphone also makes it easier to open the door when you return with hands full of shopping bags.

When you leave the house in a hurry, the smart lock will lock the entrance immediately after closing the door or after a certain period of time. After pairing the smart door lock with a mobile application, a bridge that connects the device to the Internet, and a numeric keypad, you can use its full potential.

Smart lock features generally include:

  • remote management of the lock from anywhere in the world,
  • remotely closing and opening the door,
  • virtual key sharing,
  • creating unique access codes for specific users,
  • remote control and notifications,
  • activity monitoring, i.e. the history of a door opening and closing,
  • control of the lock by voice or paired smartwatch,
  • connecting to other compatible smart home devices and services.

Are smart door locks truly secure?

Smart door locks are secure solutions based on advanced data protection features. They are encrypted using the methods used by online banking. Access to the account is very often possible after two-factor authentication, but in the event of loss or theft of the phone, you can deactivate the application and virtual keys. If you are looking for more smart home devices that provide security and functionality from the doorstep, have a look at video doorbells, smart alarms and other solutions that may be part of integrated smart home security systems.

How exactly it works

Simply use an app to arm or disarm the alarm at your property. It’s hard to believe, but the only thing you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. You can do this from anywhere in the world which is great for those of us who like to travel.

Also, smart locks enable you to remotely let your family, guests or cleaning staff in. You don’t need to leave your keys under the doormat or a flower pot. What’s more, smart locks enable you to stay aware of what’s happening in your house. Apps which go with smart home security systems provide information about any disturbance such as a burglary attempt. It will also let you know when you forget to arm your alarm.

Remember that for a smart home security system to work, you need to be connected to the Internet. Please bear in mind that key free locks, although they are a convenient and secure solution, are not suitable for fire doors.

Of course, any of the above-mentioned equipment – to work properly and to give you the best possible results – should be installed by a professional locksmith.
If you live in Lincoln, do not hesitate to search for “smart locks Lincoln” or “home security Lincoln” and give your local locksmith a call! Discover how smart locks can make your living smarter!

Integrated home security

By combining internal and external CCTV, intelligent locks and home alarms with a single point of access, you can create a secure and convenient ecosystem. Sending codes using a smartphone, multiple codes issued with a specified expiry date or the ability to add additional users are just some of the advantages of getting a keyless security system for your property. When you get a reservation, all you need to do is to reach for your phone to quickly generate a unique access code and send it to your guests. In addition, after using the wi-fi gateway you are able to set alerts about the door opening in real-time.

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