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Unlocking Peace of Mind: How Secure Smart Locks provide essential services for those locked out of their homes

June 27, 2023 / Posted in:

locked out of flat or house

Getting locked out of your house or flat can be a highly stressful experience. Whether you misplaced your keys, accidentally left them inside, or the lock simply malfunctioned, the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming and infuriating.

However, in these moments of panic and frustration, professional locksmiths emerge with their emergency door and lock opening services, ready to provide their expertise and assistance. In this article, we will explore how locksmiths play a crucial role in helping people regain access to their homes while providing peace of mind during stressful lockout situations.

Swift Response and Availability when Locked out

One of the key reasons locksmiths are invaluable during lockouts is their prompt response and round-the-clock availability. Unlike other services, locksmiths understand that lockouts can occur at any time, day or night. Reliable locksmith companies like us, offer 24/7 emergency services, ensuring that help is just a phone call away, regardless of the hour. This accessibility provides immediate relief to those facing the frustration of being locked out.

Professional Expertise

Locksmiths are trained professionals equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of locks and security systems. They possess the skills to quickly assess the situation, identify the best approach, and efficiently resolve lockout issues. Whether it's a traditional lock, a digital keypad, or a complex smart lock system, locksmiths have the expertise to tackle various lock types, ensuring a safe and non-destructive entry into your home.

Non-Destructive Entry Techniques

locked out non destructive entry

One common concern when calling a locksmith is the fear of damage to the property during the unlocking process. However, professional locksmiths prioritise non-destructive entry techniques whenever possible. They employ specialised tools and methods that allow them to unlock doors without causing any unnecessary harm to the lock or the surrounding door frame. This ensures that once you regain access to your home, you won't be faced with additional repair expenses.

Proof of Ownership and Security

To maintain security and protect homeowners, reputable locksmiths typically require proof of ownership or identification before providing their services. While this may seem like an inconvenience in an already stressful situation, it is a crucial step to prevent unauthorised access to properties. By verifying ownership, locksmiths ensure that only the rightful owner or resident gains entry, thus safeguarding the security of the premises.

Additional Locksmith Services

Beyond resolving lockout situations, locksmiths offer a range of additional services to enhance home security. They can assist with lock replacements, rekeying locks, installing new locks, and even provide expert advice on selecting the most suitable security solutions for your property. Taking advantage of their comprehensive services can help fortify your home's defenses and prevent future lockouts.

Locked out?  What to do?

locked out of flat or house

If you are locked out of your house, it can be a frustrating and stressful situation. Before calling an emergency locksmith, you should first assess the situation to determine whether it is an emergency or not. Here are some factors to consider and steps you can take to try to resolve the issue:

  1. Check for an extra key - If you have a spare key, try to locate it and use it to gain entry to your flat.
  2. Contact your landlord - If you're renting your flat, contact your landlord or property manager to see if they have a spare key or can arrange for someone to help you gain entry. Make sure that it is not too late at night or in the early morning, and you are unable to get into your house.
  3. Try the windows - If you left a window unlocked or partially open, you may be able to use it to gain access to your flat. Be careful when climbing through a window to avoid injury.
  4. Use a credit card - If you have a credit card with a flexible and sturdy edge, you may be able to slide it between the door and the frame and use it to push the latch back to open the door. This method requires a certain type of lock and some skill and finesse to execute. It is important to note that this method is not always effective, especially on newer or more secure locks, and can damage the card, the door, or the lock mechanism. Additionally, attempting to open a door in this way can be risky, especially if you don't have the proper tools or experience.
    If you are not confident in your ability to use this method, or if you are concerned about damaging the door or lock, it may be best to contact a professional locksmith or your building management for assistance.
  5. Call a locksmith - If you can't find a spare key or don't have access to one, you may need to call a locksmith to help you open the lock. Keep in mind that this can be expensive, so it's a good idea to shop around for the best price.

Remember to prioritise your safety and the safety of your property when trying to gain entry to your flat. If you're locked out and still unable to get inside, consider staying with a friend or family member until the issue is resolved.


When you find yourself locked out of your house or flat, locksmiths are the professionals you can rely on to come to your rescue. Their swift response, professional expertise, non-destructive entry techniques, and dedication to security provide essential support during moments of vulnerability. Remember to keep a reliable locksmith's contact information handy, ensuring that you have a trusted partner to call upon in times of lockout emergencies. By doing so, you can unlock peace of mind, knowing that expert help is just a phone call away.

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